I am Shalita Heard
Your Signature Mastermind host. I help coaches, influencers & personal brands turn their knowledge to profits & impact with Signature Mastermind Retreats©


This is my confession...Masterminds continuously attribute to the elevation of my life, business, and mindset.   

I've been apart of mastermind groups since 2005, and hosting masterminds, since 2012. 

My passion for helping others succeed in life and business, my love of travel, and natural ability to host unforgettable events have come together like osmosis in the form of...
What are
Signature mastermind retreats©?  
An experience that allows peers with similar interests or industry backgrounds to come together in energetic, vibrant environments to collectively support, brainstorm, & hold each other accountable in accomplishing business and/or personal goals. 

This is NOT your average "coaching" or "networking" group. It's like having your own personal success team.

During Signature Mastermind Retreats© we identify specific goals. Then, implement the strategies required to achieve them.

Do we support, motivate and encourage each other during these retreats? Yes, we do. 

However, these signature events are results driven.

There are ongoing support opportunities both pre and post each retreat. 

All SMR group members are committed to confidentiality, open to give/receive value, & willing to share resources.

Every Mastermind has an agenda and is facilitated to assure we are able to go deep while maintaining balance.
" One of the most POWERFUL tools ever used by SUCCESSFUL people is the MASTERMIND. "
"A few words that come to mind to describe such a remarkable person are, Passion, Drive, Professional, Engaging.  Shalita has an incredible ability and set of skills that directly translate to success for her clients." 

Mitch London

Leader & Visionary

"Shalita is a very talented leader and visionary. She belongs to a unique class of people who possess an insane ability to execute a plan to a specific goal, at will."

Louis Adolph


"Shalita is one of the most innovative, creative, goal smashing professionals in the world. Her work speaks volumes. She
will not disappoint."

B. Collins
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