Brand in a Box

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The ultimate business identity system.
Brand In A Box


Is your business suffering from an identity crisis?!

Just getting your feet wet in business  &

need a new identity to match your new position?

Ready for people to recognize you as the professional authority

that you are?

Maybe that old look has expired & you need a fresh new look…

Time for an online makeover?



Go ahead and start celebrating!  I’ve packaged all of the tools, supplies and equipment you need to give your business a professional, fresh, & trendy image.

I call it The Brand In A Box.

My Brand In A Box systems is customized to meet the unique needs of your business.  I bring your message, vision and mission to your clients in away that lets them know exactly who you are, what you do, and what makes you better than all the rest.

Q:How do I do this?!

A: By creatively crafting your new look, professional message, presence and positioning you where it’s easy to find and connect with you.


What’s included:

Identity session- the first step to creating your personal brand is getting to know you and your business.  During this session I identify the key elements of what makes you…YOU.  I combine who you are with the vision you have for your business and begin to develop your brand based on the best way to make the personal and the business you become ONE.

Image creation- during this phase, I actually begin to structure you brand.  The imagery, color and style of your logo is created here.  Your custom business card design,  mission statement, tag lines, and other expressive forms of representation of your business will be drafted as well.  This will give your clients a clear perspective of you are and position you as the authority in your industry.

Online production-now that we have identified who you and your business are as one, it’s time to make your presence known on the world wide web.  Your website is a very important element of your business these days.  Often times, this is the first form of contact a new client has with you.  Looks matter both in person and online. It’s key that you always make good first impressions.  You never get a second chance to do that...right?  So, I will produce a 5 page website that includes:

  • Home- your introduction to your clients. Updates- current news, specials, offers, blog page
  • About- Company Mission/ Vision 
  • Services- let your customers know what types of products and services you have to offer.
  • Portfolio- Your personal work gallery
  • Contact- online form to capture emails, requests and comments.

*includes 1 year of web hosting

Search Engine Optimization- Now that you have secured a position online, let’s get you to the top of what matters the most online...the search engines.  Having a website online is the beginning but certainly not enough these days.  When a customer goes online searching for you, you should be easy to find.  A new client who has never done business before will not know to type the name of your business when searching for you.  I go behind the scenes and position you to rise in top search engines such as "Google”, "Yahoo”, & "Bing”.


Purchase Your Brand In A Box Today & Put An End To Your Business Identity Crisis!

Brand In A Box