DIY credit replay bundle by Shalita Heard

DIY Replay Bundle

Are you ready to remove those collections, charge offs, inquiries, & late payments from your credit reports…FAST?!

What if I told you you can get remove them all for just $97…and possibly get a check for at least $1,000?

What if I told you you can get paid alot of money for helping people fix their credit even if credit repair is new to you?

Recently, I hosted a live DIY Credit Masterclass. The class was great. Everyone who attended live received a replay of the call, along with ALOT of bonuses. I even did an extra BONUS call where I walked everyone through step by step how to get paid $1,000 for negative items on your credit report.

Trust me…it is easier than you think and you DO NOT need an attorney. You also do not NEED to pay a guru thousands of dollars to do it for you.

During the live masterclass, I revealed over 3 hours of insider secrets, gems and sauce that I’ve accumulated during the 8 years I’ve been in the credit industry. From removing negative items like collections and charge offs within hours, to using AI platforms to craft powerful dispute letters in less than 30 seconds, I shared it all. And that’s just the beginning!

By purchasing the replay for just $97, you’ll receive:

  1. The Building Positive Credit eBook: A comprehensive guide to building and maintaining positive credit, valued at $297. Which you already have a copy of but with this version…You can also rebrand this eBook and sell it as your own, unlocking additional revenue streams.
  2. 24 Hour Inquiry Removal Guide: Learn how to remove inquiries from your credit report in just 24 hours without writing a single letter, valued at $497. Rebrand and resell this guide to start making money immediately.
  3. DIY Credit Repair Book: I really outdid myself in this book. Not only did I include my best credit repair secrets but I also included my travel hacking secrets that I have used for years to travel for free. If that’s not enough, I even included a funding play that you can use to get up to $100,000 in funding. This is your go-to resource for repairing your credit on your own terms & so much more, this one is easily valued at $997. Rebrand this book and turn it into your very own little bestseller.
  4. Exclusive High Level Dispute Templates like:
    • Remove Late Payments: Say goodbye to late payment stains on your credit report.
    • Eliminate Student Loans: Take control of your student loan debt and watch your score soar.
    • Repossessions Be Gone: Remove repossession records from your credit history and regain financial freedom.
    • And Much More: like my child support, evictions, chexsystems…pretty much every type of account that’s been holding your credit score back can be tackled with these proven strategies.
  5. The Magic Letter: I have used this letter over and over again for the past 8 years to remove anything except for a bankruptcy. I even laid out the steps I take just for you!

I know this is alot for only $97 but I want to make sure you NEVER have to pay for credit repair again…unless you want to.

So, I added a few more things…

When you purchase now, you’ll also receive My Experian, Transunion, Equifax & Better Business Bureau hacks that you can use to delete items from your credit report FAST without writing one single letter or making any phone calls.  That alone values this total bundle at well over $2,000. Yes, you read that right – over $2,000 worth of credit-boosting resources for just $97!

NOT ONLY THAT…I added the FDCPA BONUS call where I break down exactly how to get paid $1,000 for the negative info on your credit reports like inquiries and collections…One of those checks will 10Xs the investment you make for this.

Imagine having the power to get what you want because your credit is so good the banks and car lots say YES when they see you have good credit.

This $97 offer is only good for the first 10 people. Then, the price goes up to $197, so don’t delay.


Cheers to GOOD credit & MORE money,

Shalita HeardDIY credit replay bundle by Shalita Heard

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