how to get business credit with Shalita Heard

Business Credit

Build Credit for your Business.
Results as FAST as 60 days! 


Using Personal Credit for Business Sucks

  • If your business fails then you will be left holding the bag and will be fully liable for business debts.

  • High utilization will cause your personal credit score to decrease

  • Even if you are using your credit responsibly, the high debt to income ratio will cause you to get denied for more credit.

  • Expansion is limited because inquiries are an issue.

  • Approvals for personal credit are smaller than those for business credit.

  • Your business credit report will remain blank and ineffective.

Instead of Using Your Personal Credit, Avoid these Pitfalls by Building Credit Under Your Business

Benefits of Building Business Credit

  • Building business credit can be done regardless of your personal credit scores. While using your personal credit can accelerate your business credit building, the process can be completed entirely without using personal credit. This creates a complete separation of personal & business finances and will help to ensure you do not pierce the corporate veil and assume personal liability.

  • Business credit accounts report exclusively to your business credit reports so utilization and inquiries have no effect on your personal credit score.

  • Business credit building is FAST. You can expect to receive Store Credit in as little as 90 days and Cash Credit in as little as 120 days!

  • Business Credit gives you access to high credit limit accounts. Business credit card approval limits are 10-100 times higher than consumer credit approval limits.

  • You can be approved for business credit without needing any of the following:

    • NO Financial Statements Needed

    • NO Collateral Needed

    • NO Tax Returns Needed

  • Establishing your business credit will increase approval amounts for bank loans which have lower interest rates than most business lenders on the mark.

  • Because anyone can see your business credit reports, establishing business credit can insure that clients, customers, prospects, lenders, and competitors are viewing an accurate picture of your business credit.

  • Established business credit can help solve Cash Flow problems in businesses that receive lump sum payments for their products or services.