Teen Credit Masterclass

Teen credit score builder Shaita Heard

Now is the PERFECT time to start building your teen’s credit.
As a parent, it is our responsibility to set our children up for success.  Giving them a headstart in life with good credit positions them to have access to things that will help enhance the quality of their life.
When I was young, nobody taught me about credit.  I am left to assume that the adults around me did not know much about credit, or they were like most people…afraid of it.
So, how could they teach me what they did not know?
They couldn’t.
Fortunately, I was able to understand credit and how it works later on in life…of course after mine had been ruined…but I made a promise to make sure my children knew as much as possible about credit.
I was also committed to making sure they had “good credit” when they turned 18.
My oldest son started out with high 700 credit scores.
My second son, Jakovian turned 18 this year.  His credit scores are currently 731, 743, & 741.
Now, I want to help other parents make sure their children are in position to have the same.
Fill out the form below and I will send you all of the details on how you can to this for your children too.