Tradeline Database

What are tradelines? 

Tradelines are accounts that appear on your credit report.  These accounts impact your overall credit score. 

If you have a new credit profile, meaning, you have never had any credit and possibly do not have a score, adding tradelines will give you a head start in creating one. 

If you have a credit score, but have little to no accounts, adding tradelines will help improve your overall credit profile. 

There are a few types of tradelines. 

For the sake of focusing on what’s offered here, I will break down 3:

Original Primary- this is an account that you opened with you name as the primary account holder. These accounts will always appear on your credit report whether they are in good standing or not. 

Authorized User- this is an account that someone adds you to and allows you to piggy back off of the account. Underwriters can see that these accounts aren’t actually yours. The can help your overall score if the account is in good standing. If not, they can hurt your scores. You can have these added or removed at anytime. 

Assigned Primary- this is an account that is assigned to you that will show up on your credit report as a closed paid in full account.  You get the benefit of showing positively paid accounts in your name on your profile. These accounts also help with the age of your credit, because they date back several years. 

Click the links below to view current list of permanent primary tradelines.