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Boost Your Self-Belief with Tips from the World’s Most Successful People

How do you get to the top?

When you look at the world’s most successful people, what do you see? Was Oprah just lucky? How about Bill Gates or Elon Musk? Believe it or not, regardless of whether you’re looking at a celebrity, sports star, or tech billionaire, you’re going to see one thing in common: Every last success story is rooted first in a strong self-belief.

Your belief about yourself is what fuels you. It has the ability to set you apart from the rest of the world. When you feel like a success inside, this is where you become a success on the outside. More than anything else, it’s what allows you to get ahead where others fail.

Not feeling it? Try boosting your-self-belief using these tips from the world’s most successful people.

Start Inside
Navy SEAL Mark Divine says you have to win first in your mind. This means not letting others shake your faith or your confidence in yourself. See your own success first, then go from there. It really can be just that simple.

Believe in the Mission
Tim Draper, venture capitalist, reminds us how having a goal you’re passionate about is the key to personal success. When you believe in what you’re doing wholeheartedly, your belief in yourself likewise goes up. Passion is the fuel for self-belief.

Do or Die
Roberto Orci, screenwriter/producer, says it’s all about how you see what you’re doing. If you make your goal something you MUST do as opposed to what you WANT to do, you gain a harder focus. Self-belief comes from caring mixed with drive and determination. When you’re working that hard, your self-belief rises to the challenge.

Find Your Strength
Scott Oldfold, founder of INFINITUS, points out everyone has an ‘unfair advantage’ – the one thing they’re better at than other people. By figuring out what your one thing is and reminding yourself daily of how amazing you are at this thing, your self-belief rises. Everyone needs to recognize how remarkable they are!

Check Your Thoughts
Marina Rose, the founder of QDNA, says it’s simple: Keep going. Don’t give in to negative thoughts. These are what destroys your sense of self-worth. Instead, focus on positivity. Gather a team of positive people to encourage you. Only allow positive thoughts. Remember, positive self-belief is about staying positive!

You will only be as successful as you believe you will be. So, if you want to keep your eyes on the prize, start with how you see yourself. Your self-belief is how you get to the top.

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