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The Best Ideas For TikTok Videos & How To Increase Your Following

There is no point creating a lot of TikTok videos if nobody is going to watch them.

In this article we will provide you with some of the best ideas for TikTok videos and also show you how you can increase the number of followers that you have.

The Lip-Sync Video
With the previous Musical.ly app lip-sync videos were very popular and they still are on TikTok. What you can do here is to take a famous music clip and record yourself ìlip-syncingî to it. Others will want to see this video and will let you know how well you performed with it.

Reaction Duet Videos
The Duet video is another very popular type on TikTok. All you need to do here is to open the video that you want to create a Duet reaction to and then find the ìShareî icon and tap on it. From here you can tap on ìDuetî and record or upload another video so that both videos appear side by side.

Videos about Pets
Some of the most popular videos on YouTube feature cute cats and dogs doing funny things. Well guess what? These videos are very popular on TikTok as well so always have your camera ready so that you can record your pet doing crazy stuff.

Trend Videos
If there is something trendy going on at the moment, such as a festival for example, you can record your own videos about it. If you attended the festival then you can shoot footage while you are there and upload this to TikTok.

Skills Videos
Do you have a particular skill that you want to show off to the world? Maybe you are great at baking or shuffle dancing. Whatever it is you can create a short clip and get it on TikTok. Remember that you can speed up or slow down a video for better effect.

Travel Videos
If you are going to be traveling then be sure to take some interesting videos when you are at your destination. Make these as fun as you can. Many TikTok users enjoy watching travel videos so give them what they want.

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