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7 Unique Approaches to Boosting Your Self-Belief

When you lack self-belief, life is hard.

Everything seems to take more effort. Success always feels just out of reach. It’s not unusual to think others have it easier-have more luck, more talent, and more opportunity than you ever will.

What if you realized every one of those things would be yours for the taking, so long as you had the self-belief to get you there?

A lack of self-belief is what keeps us from living a life without limits. It’s not luck but the intentional practice which points us towards success. Worried you’re not feeling it? You can begin with these unique practices to boost your self-belief.

Ask Who You Are
You start with your vision of yourself. Who do you want to be? Picture your best version of you. Now picture this version of yourself accomplishing every goal and experiencing success. What does this you look like? Hold onto that vision.

Do Something Scary
How do we get over the things which scare us? By confronting them directly. You’ll be amazed at the confidence you feel when you take on a challenge that until now you thought was terrifying.

Question Yourself
Hearing a small inner voice with some rather harsh criticism? You don’t have to take guff from anyone. In fact, the best thing to do is simply to question these voices. Where’s the evidence for that kind of harsh statement? What proves or backs up those ideas? Generally, you’re going to find this inner critic knows a lot less than you think it does.

Embrace Rejection
Jia Jiang became famous for deciding to desensitize himself to rejection by making crazy requests of people for 100 days. The idea? To be rejected so many times, it no longer matters. While this idea might be a bit ‘out there,’ you have to admit it’s effective if you’re brave enough to give it a try.

Look Outside Yourself
How can you help someone else today? By paying attention to the needs of others, we find we have less time for our own worries and feelings of poor self-worth. The odd outgrowth of this? Your own self-belief grows the more you spend time giving to others.

Say No
When you care about yourself enough to create boundaries with those around you, your self-belief gets a boost. It really is ok to say ‘no’ when you need to!

Adopt Equality
The worst thing you can do to yourself is to think someone else is better than you. Guess what? They’re not! When you realize you’re all on equal footing, it’s easier to accept your own value.

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