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Ways Naysayers Can Actually Help You Succeed

You might think that having negative people around you would be demotivating.

And it’s true that having a positive support network around you will help you succeed. But you can bet your life that there will be naysayers casting doubt on your dreams, so why not take that energy and turn it around?

Find out how to use those doom and gloom merchants to spur you on to greater success.

1. Use them as inspiration
Proving the doubters wrong can be a powerful motivation to get off the sofa and into action. There’s nothing like an “I’ll show them” attitude to energize you and make you focus on your goal. You might even make a bet with one of your doubters that you will achieve your goal, whether it’s starting your own business, losing twenty pounds or making the gym a regular habit.
2. Blind them with science
Having a skeptical audience can inspire you to new heights of planning and strategizing. Building a solid business strategy of data, evidence, and analysis will not only stand your project in good stead, but it might even convince some of your skeptics to invest in your idea! And if you can win them over, you’ll have a new network of allies.
3. Take them seriously
Don’t just brush off your doubters. It can be helpful to have a good, objective look at their reservations and see if there is something you may not have considered. Use their doubts to improve your strategies, especially if they have experience in the area you plan to tackle.
Set your ego aside for a moment, and think about your critics’ motivations and experience. Not all negative feedback is sour grapes. There’s likely to be at least a nugget of truth in there. Could you glean useful intelligence and use it to ensure your success?
4. Cut them loose
Once you’ve considered your naysayers’ motivations and credibility, you can then take action to weed out the people whose doubts will undermine you. An overweight friend who says you’ll never lose that weight will drag you down and convince you it’s all too hard. And on the other hand, if your HR manager is telling you that you’re underqualified for the job you want, maybe you should listen.
Evaluate which of your naysayers might be useful, assess what the credible ones have to say, and cut loose the ones who will get in the way of achieving your goal.

You are in charge of this project. It’s your dream. Use the energy of your naysayers positively and shoot for your goals!

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