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    5 Reasons Why Change is Good for Us

    Sometimes change can feel a bit scary. After all, it’s not called your Comfort Zone for nothing! But change is inevitable and even necessary if you are to learn and grow and get the most out of life. Here are five reasons why you should embrace change. 1. Change makes you grow Change is necessary for growth, in fact, growth is impossible without change! You can choose to stay safely in your familiar routine, but if you do, you’ll be missing out on all life has to offer. The challenge of a new job or moving to a different city might be uncomfortable, especially at first. But it’s guaranteed that…

  • shalita heard life and business coach for women of color
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    How to Stay Motivated During Adversity

    You know those days when it seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. You sleep through your alarm, don’t have time for breakfast, miss your bus, get to work late, and things go downhill from there. Or it’s more than a bad day. You’ve had bad news, the bills are coming in, and you don’t know what’s coming next. It’s easy to stay motivated and energized when things are going well, but what about when times are tough? How do you keep going when things are looking grim? These are the times when you have a clear choice about how to react. You can bury your head…

  • shalita heard life coach

    How To Overcome Feeling Depressed

    de·pressed /dəˈprest/ adjective (of a person) in a state of general unhappiness or despondency. In the normal course of our life, we come across a lot of things, most of which affect our emotions either positively or negatively. Among such things are our lifestyles, the people we associate with, our personal achievements and objectives, the weather conditions, our state of mind among others. Luckily, most of this factors are within our control which means that you can always manipulate them to work to your advantage. The last thing you want is to let this emotion get the better part of you. Depression is one of those emotions that need to…

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