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    How to Plan Differently to Improve Your Chances of Success

    You might think that having a plan is enough to guarantee success. After all, you’ve set your goal, some milestones, you’re committed. Surely that’s enough. Well, no, in reality having a plan by itself is not enough. Think back over all those New Year’s resolutions you’ve made. How many did you see through to success? Have you ever been on a diet? Or decided to get fit and start running, or join a gym? Robbie Burns knew what he was talking about when he wrote ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men, often go astray.’ That poem is about a mother mouse having her supposedly safe cozy nest destroyed by…

  • shalita heard life and business coach for women of color
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    4 Ways to Rebuild Confidence After a Big Setback

    It can and does happen to anyone. One minute you’re flying, everything’s going well, and you feel great! Then something happens. A setback. A rejection. A failure. How do you pick yourself up and put your confidence back together after something goes badly wrong? Here are some things you can do to rebuild your self-worth and get that spring back in your step. 1. Acceptance Accept that things sometimes happen. A health scare, a bad investment, a big sale that falls through, a relationship breakdown. Whatever your setback, you can be sure that other people have been there before you. And it’s not likely to be the end of the…

  • Shalita Heard life coach business coach
    Self Help

    Preparing for the Future Rather Than Fearing It

    It’s normal for us to fear the future, because it is full of uncertainties. However, when we are living in fear, it can prevent us from making choices that are risky and ultimately very rewarding. When you want to be a success, sometimes it takes taking risks before that is possible. If you are willing to live on the wild side a little bit rather than sticking with what feels safe to you, you may find yourself taking your life in a completely new direction and enjoying the ride. However that type of mindset can be difficult, particularly if you are unsure of where you are going. When you do…

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